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Târgu Mureş

Târgu Mureş lies in Northern Romania. The city has about 130.000 inhabitants, thereof 80 % come from Hungary. Târgu Mureş is 350 km away from Bucharest. However, the city has its own airport.


The Culture Palace (today also a headquarter of the Philharmonic with a beautiful mirror room), the Historical and Art Museum, the Teleki-Bolyai-Library, the Cathedral and the Roseplace are only part of the ‚must see‘ landmarks in Târgu Mureş.

How to get there

In 2005 the Târgu Mureş, Transilvania Airport was renovated and nowadays it offers cheap flights to many international destinations. It is possible to book a ticket from Dortmund or Frankfurt Hahn for less than 100 € both ways. One doesn’t need a car on the spot for sure, because taxis are very cheap just like all other living costs.